Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Precious water

This year I learnt up close and personal how important it is to have a plentiful supply of water.We happily planted a 1/4 acre in Hoskote with tomatoes -- our very first commercial crop. Bonny gave money to Narsimappa to pay the farmers on either side to supply us water as our bore was running dry. The farmers on both sides said they needed the water for themselves and Narsimappa swallowed the money. What happened after that? Well we watched our crop of tomatoes wither infront of our eyes. The rains have come bringing with them water abundance. I have got Narsimappa to dig around our borewell and make a big p-it to collect the rain and replenish the water table. it might not help our bore, but it will help the general table. From the photos you can see the pond dug by the farmers has filled to the brim and the government has built a check dam and water has backed up and percolated down instead of just running off. The rains bring respite and the trees grow in leaps and bounds. I love the rains!

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