Friday, December 23, 2011

The romance of the Steam Engine!

As kids we always travelled by train across the length and breadth of India.Dad was in the services and every holiday we travelled to see my grandparents who were in Bangalore and in Baroda.

What I loved was the gunpowder smell of the smoke of the engines and I always stuck my head close to the bars on the windows to look at the steam puffing out of the engine as it took its twists and turns in the journey. The huge clouds of black smoke coming out of the engine never failed to make us children gape.

Life has changed today. We have those ugly Deisel engines which have no style and class of the steam engine. Lucky you can still experience the steam engine especially in the hill-stations across India.Last year we jumped onto the little toy train from Lovedale to Ooty and back. It was an experience to remember!

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