Saturday, December 17, 2011

The gift that was Mario Miranda

Caption: The sorpatel arrives

These brilliant intricate cartoons drawn by the legendary cartoonist Mario Miranda was sent to me by another Mario Miranda! Imagine having identical names which is really a rare occurrence among us Goans. Both Marios were my Dads school chums in St Joseph's High School in Bangalore. One was the cartoonist Miranda who lived in Mumbai and then retired in his village Lutolim, in Goa and the second Mario lived in a fairy tale house on St Mark's Road in Bangalore. Today the ugly House of Lords stands in place of a house I always adored as a little girl with its lilly pond and terraced garden around this stately home which had a very unusually coloured mauve Bouganvillea.
I do not have a picture of the house, but it still is there in my minds eye with the two tall rain trees on the road which thankfully still stand.
Mario the cartoonist was loved across the world for his art and his amazing gift can be seen in the images uploaded for all to enjoy.


  1. Superb cartoon pictures,very creative and thank you for sharing it mam!!!:)Really enjoyed!!!

  2. Yes, he was a very gifted cartoonist! I love his work!