Thursday, September 1, 2011

Are they outlandish or just desperate to be different?

In a recent set of classes that I took I was a bit bothered by one of the girls in class who tried to be a more dumbed down version of the Gothic Chicks I saw in Wales. Looking up about what makes these Gothic Chicks tick I found -
most goth chicks are just normal girls with a different style from the "norm". These chicks have no problem expressing themselves fashionably, verbally, or through rebellion, they don't care what the public thinks about them because they are content with who they are.

I dont know, but the ones I saw had this dreadful black makeup and black lipstick and looked scary with their outlandish clothes and boots. I liked the look of this picture - simply cause I wondered why such a beautiful girl was willing to 'spoil' her looks like this.


  1. Looks like you found a peacock... :)

  2. He he! Yes that was part of the joke! But it triggered memories for me of Wales!

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