Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Admire the Ashy Prinia!

The beauty of belonging to a birder e group are these fabulous pictures sent to me for stories. We had a nest like this made in a young Avocado tree when we were kids in Hayes Road. Dad loved Avocado and had just planted a young sapling at the back of the garden. A Ashy Prinia decided to build its nest in the sapling quite low enough for me to oggle it. However I have never forgotten the image of the bird which was triggered when Chandrakantha Urusu sent me these absolutely beautiful pics taken of a mother Ashy Prinia and her chicks.
This is what he had to say:

" When I went to hook up my handycam near Ashy Prinia’s nest I was little confused to see a caterpillar kept at the entrace of the nest. However after capturing 30min of video and watching it carefully realised that it is the release day for the little birds from their nest.

Mother's effort to get them out of the nest (comfort zone) is simply awesome," he said.

I agree all mother's including humans are awesome when it comes to coaxing their off spring into doing anything. Admire the pics, they have made my day!

By the way if you look out of your window in the mornings and late evening and you have a few shrubs and trees around, you are guaranteed a sighting of this perky little bird!

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