Saturday, June 11, 2011

Electric buses for Beijing!

Standing on the edge of the road waiting for the diesel bus thunder past engulfing you in a miasma of choking smoke, it is hard to argue against wanting electric vehicles to become the vehicle of 2012. Buildings and motorized vehicles are responsible for the majority of CO2 emissions in cities. in the battle against climate change cities are trying to coax die-hard motorists to adapt to electric vehicle technology by introducing electric vehicles for public transport.
At the ITF 2011 in Leipzig, sitting in side event that paid tribute to Innovators in the transport industry, Henry Li a senior Director of BYD Company in China unveiled his country's plan to unleash a fleet of electric buses on the roads of Beijing to help cleanse the choking pollution of the city. " There is an urgent need to change to solar run electric buses in Beijing which is considered the most polluted city in the world. There is an urgent need of these buses and one bus will take the place of 30 private cars and one solar taxi the place of 10 private smoke belching cars."

Noise levels are lowered, diesel consumption is reduced and there is no heat radiation, said Lee. "This is a great help in cutting emissions in the city areas and it also makes transport accessible to all."

So in conclusion Li said, Electric cars and buses are the quickest way to reduce CO2 emissions from the city centre.

There is however a paradox ! The bus is so silent that it can cause accidents due to its noiseless movement!

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