Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bulbuls attracted to fruiting palm in garden!

I love those red vented perky Bulbuls with their noisy, inquisitive calls in the garden. But with our garden city becoming a chrome and glass monstrosity with gardens few and far between where we live, it has been a happy surprise to find the Bulbuls are back! The exotic palms that we have in the garden are heavy with fruit. I don't think they are edible by man so we have the Bulbuls during the day and the bats at night!

The fruit bats can be scary as they swoop in when you least expect them, brushing almost past your ears as you park the car or come in late from a show at the club.

I had hoped the Bulbuls would nest in the Raat ki raani or in the bougaenvillea, but thats stretching it a bit too far! They come in bright and early and its a nice medley hearing them go peek, peek flashing in and out of the fruit along with the more sedate Ashy Prinias call as it hops on the hibiscus branches looking for insects to feed on.

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