Saturday, March 19, 2011

Tabebuia Rosea makes Bangalore breath taking!

When we were kids the Jacaranda and the Gulmohur along with the pink Accacia brougth colour and beauty to Bangalore city. Minsk Square particularly was a haze of purple/blue blossoms and Cavalry Road was lit up with the Gulmohur along the army barracks and the RSI. Now with the Metro killing off large numbers of these trees we suddenly find we are not alone! We are not left bereft in a Bangalore where the citizens love trees and realise the value of a green canopy.

So, instead, the trees have shifted focus and are flowering in their element according to Steven my son on the National Games Village Road in Koramangala and on the ITPL main road among other roads in the newer areas of the city.

For the first time my grumbles about the BBMP and the corporation merciless hacking of our Jacaranda and other trees was silenced when I saw these new beauties in bloom. Tall and majestic the trees are clearly over 30 metres tall and are apparently the national tree of El Salvadore!

Long live our exotic imports, they are bringing back the colour of Bangalore. By the way they are quite different from the pink cherry you find all over Europe and the UK. Those are breath taking as well and I have loaded a pic of the flower to show the difference.

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