Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tabebuia Argentea in bloom!

The gorgeous Tabebuia Argentea dripping with golden blooms is in all her glor y on the pavement outside our home. Fifteen years or so ago, I got a sapling from the Forest Department for free and Dave, Andy and myself planted the tree. It could not have been more than 3 feet tall and we put a few coochas around it and some barbed wire to prevent the milkmans cows from eating up the leaves as the tree grew.

It has been difficult to keep the tree standing as we have the next door owner of the building near our house who believes trees block the view of the building! Have had to phone frantically for the forest department time and time again when he has tried to cut down the trees.

Once I had Steven my youngest call me frantically while I was in the office in Deccan Herald say, come fast old Satya Murthy has men with ropes and saw ready to bring down the tree.

Then like a loud fish wife I have stood hand on my hips and yelled the road down and called the forest department to fine him. Its a day to day affair to save trees in Bangalore, but I will not give up.

Look at the beauty of the tree during this season, worth all the effort of fighting and keeping her standing for the month when the blooms are out in full force saying thank you to us!

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