Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Litchie's have bloomed in Hoskote!

With Climate Change making Bangalore crazily hot, I wondered if our Litchies would ever fruit. Planted around 8 years ago, they are full of flowers and tiny baby cylindrical fruit. Take a look at the trees in the pics.

I have seen trees in Malleswaram loaded with fruit and have written about them around 10 years ago, but now I wondered as the Hayes Road one is definitely around 20 years old and has never fruited.

Now I will have to keep an eagle eye on the fruit with Narsimappa and sons ready to greedily eat all that comes up there. So fed up of the Rose Apples flowering and fruiting and us getting nothing from there ever even to taste.

Anyway this has been exciting and will watch to see if any of the hundreds of little fruit mature!

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