Sunday, October 30, 2011

Paul Beaudry and troupe!

The US consulate brought in a quartet of Jazz greats from the US and they performed at a free show on Saturday 29th. Wow! it really was a super show and I learnt a lot about Jazz which I have been fond of but not really knowledgeable about.

The drummer got up and did a song which accor to Aubrey Millet is known as scat singing. Thats one new thing I got to learn! Tim on the Sax taught me that the thick brass Sax he played was called the tenor Sax and the slim silver one was called the Soprano sax! Well I thought just that big brass thing was a Sax. The slim ones were clarinets and flutes. I was wrong!

I also learnt that its tough to do 'fusion jazz' cause to please us they played Yeh Dosti from Sholay and it was hopeless! I hated it and they got a very luke warm round of applause, poor guys!

However many were tickled with their Charlie Porter number and clapped along appreciatively.


  1. Marianne,

    We got a fine demo of what jazz is, didn't we?

    BTW, was that their Indian song? The way they played it, I'd never have guessed... as I wrote in my blog :)

  2. It is called Yeh Dosti from the film Sholay which we saw as youngsters remember?

    I go for tons of shows to cover for the Hindu and so I am learning cause Dad never allowed us to 'stray' from classical music!