Saturday, October 2, 2010

My brand new creeper!

I decided to cover at least part of the front of the house with an ornamental creeper.The reason being simple, the neighbour is always redoing his building and not just dirt and dust, but the mess of rework is a constant eye sore to put up with. So I bought a creeper from Lalbagh a couple of months ago and put it into a large pot and trained its searching 'creeps' onto the wire fence. I knew it was a pretty flower, but phew the way it flowers is really amazing!
It throws out a spray of blooms which stand out separately from the main stem and the flowers are a pretty purplish blue. Check out the pic!

I was concerned the morning flower thief would denude it of its flowers before I even woke to enjoy them like he does the red hibiscus upfront, but strangely he only steals the hibiscus and the bougainvillea. I guess his god is picky and does not like my flowers which is fine for me! I get to enjoy them till they fall off and the wrinkled dried flowers go to make a compost for the same vine!

Am hoping I can propagate a new vine from the plant to grow in Hoskote. There it will go beserk for sure with the red fertile soil and now the rain watering the place.

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