Saturday, September 4, 2010

Furniture brands from the 18th century!

During a recent visit to the Fernhill Palace belonging to the Mysore Maharaja in Ooty, what caught my eye was the fabulous collection of branded furniture which the Palace showcases.Every piece was a collectors delight and obviously the Maharajas not only had deep pockets, but impeccable taste.

Take a look at them, they have withstood the test of time for over a century. How many pieces of furniture that we buy today can be used for more than a couple of years at best before something gives way and needs to be attended to ?

In Bangalore there was once an aution house which was popular in Richmond Town where excellent pieces of furniture dating from the days of the Raj were sold. They were sold by families leaving for the west or just that big homes were making way for smaller homes and this furniture needed the old gracious, rambling bungalows of the past.

I have a few pieces like a Mahogany Chest-of-drawers and a beautiful old Linen cupboard with a bevelled edged looking glass on one door. Few treasures we have left to enjoy in this age of formica and block board.

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