Friday, June 4, 2010

Traffic jams and grafitti!

We were stuck in the most awful traffic jam on our way out of the city to the Bird of Paradise resort last week. And by the way it was just 8am in the morning.Plus we had decided to stop at the Kamath's restaurant on the way out for breakfast instead of eating anything before leaving. Kamath is a fav stop over and if you have never been there, please do indulge in their dosas and vadas and idlis all wrapped up in banana leaves. I digress, so as we were grouching about the traffic, the road opened up slightly and there infront of us was this car and I did a double take when I saw what was written across the back windscreen! Steve quickly took my camera and shot it through the wind screen for posterity! It gave us a good laugh and we were curious about what the driver looked like. Unfortunately he sped away before we could!

1 comment:

  1. Nice one but just one suggestion - Blur out the Number plate for obvious reasons. :)