Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Garganey's are here!

The first image that I had of wild ducks was a whole pile of dead birds, blood splattered all over their gorgeous irridescent plumage in my friends Nadine and Raymond Lovett's kitchen. The next I saw those birds was a day later, cooked up into a sort of roast by the ace cook Nadine. I could not eat any of them, and felt fairly pukey looking at the roasted carcasses.

I am so glad that laws have come in banning the shooting of these wonderful birds and most of these hunters today are saviours of their feathered friends.

So when the news came down the bird wire that the Garganeys are in town, flown all the way from Europe to grace the rejuvenated Puttenahalli lake it was an exciting feeling. Ofcourse talking to birders who go out at the crack of dawn to photograph these birds was interesting and most of them are happy to share their images with us immediately for free.

These pics are by JM Garg.


  1. I just love it when such laws are passed.. nice pics... :)

  2. I agree! Its us journos who have to make the noise and then with prodding it happens!